Sad Quotes About Death

Have you lost someone special? If yes then it must be very sad and you might be clueless how to overcome the situation. We have collected some sad quotes about death that can suit well to your situation. You can also share your feelings and we will be happy to share your comments here.

“Just cos im breathing doesnt mean im alive, i died ages ago its just no one recognised but trust me im dead inside.”

“I want something to make me feel better, something other than smoking or drugs.”

“Take a deep breath, Hold in those tears, and take a leap.”

“Im so good at making people believe my fake smile there is only one person who can see through it and she aint here for another week

“Why say I cant wait to die,if Im already dead inside.”

“I cant tell the difference anymore is living a choice or a chore??…”

“Happiness is just beyond the horizon, a place you never find until your heart stops looking.”

“Death….it is always there…no matter who we are or were we come from…it takes away those we love the most..”

“I rather die when you still love me, than die after you leave me.”

“The priest says as long as you both shall live? but you said forever you knew you would leave me but you let me know youd always care.”

January 16, 2012

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